It has been proved by scientific studies that incorporating l-cysteine it the diet can suppose an increase in hair quality and hair growth, strengthening it by making its molecules more united and cohesive, so if you wanted to know the benefits of l-cysteine for hair growth, that is the short and summarized answer.

Anyway, that simplified answer it is not enough for deciding to consume this supplement, and there still being some things you should know before taking the decision of taking l-cysteine, so keep reading if you are interested in hair growth, hair quality and all the rest of benefits that this amino acid could bring to your life.

First of all, know the l-cysteine

Probably you have consumed snot medicine medicines at some point in your life, and surely you remember that one of those medicines was the acetylcysteine or N-acetyl-L-cysteine, a precursor of l-cysteine. The mucolitic function is one of the most common and extended uses of the cysteine forms, but it still has a lot more of applications.

l-cysteine is a nonessential amino acid, which means that it is not only present in the human organism, but also is produced naturally by our bodies in moderated amounts.

However, this fact does not mean that consuming l-cysteine is not beneficial, and we will see that incorporating it to our bodies exogenously will suppose several positive effects, so let’s not thinking too much on this.

Back to the topic, l-cystein, as it is an amino acid, its used by the organism for creating proteins, and thanks to one of the characteristics that causes its chemical composition, it makes the proteins more cohesive.

The reason of this special property that the amino acid contribute to the protein is one kind of attraction in their structure called sulfide bridges, which occurs between atoms of sulfur that some amino acids carry with them as the one we are talking about.

The hair structure

For properly understanding how is the l-cysteine going to make your hair stronger and better, first is convenient to make sure to understand basic concepts of the hair structure. Here we will check them out very quickly.

The hair, as the rest of the body, is made principally of water, concretely around 70%, but it also contents a considerably high amount of proteins, specifically about 30%. The types of proteins present in the hair are various, but the most abundant one is undoubtedly the keratin.

Keratin is known for being the key structure in hair and nails on humans, and it is also very important for other structures that some animals have, like feathers or horns.

All of these things are quite interesting, but there is one characteristic of keratin in which we want to focus now, and is the high quantities of cysteine present in its composition.

This fact is the relation between the hair strengthening and the l-cysteine, along with those sulfide bridges we previously mentioned, so now that we are bearing in mind everything we needed to know, let’s get into the thing.

How does the hair strengthening works?

Knowing that the hair is made of keratin, that keratin is composed in a very relevant proportion from cysteine, and that cysteine makes the proteins of your hair more solid through sulfide bridges, we can now see why l-cysteine supplements improve your hair quality.

Basically, consuming more l-cysteine makes the proteins (keratin) of your hair more abundant in cysteine, which causes an increase of strength and rigidity on the keratin of your hair, making your hair stronger in consequence.

Nevertheless, the benefits of the l-cysteine consumption are not only for your hair, as keratin is also one of the most important proteins in your nails and skin, and it can prevent or treat nail fragility and maintain firmness and elasticity in your skin.

And yet, besides all these benefits, l-cysteine supplements have much more to offer.

More benefits of l-cysteine

Focusing in the better known and more studied benefits of this amino acid, the main ones would be:

  • Antioxidant function: l-cysteine is one of the precursors of a molecule called glutathione. Glutathione is one of the molecules with the capacity of fight oxidative stress, as it is a very important antioxidant. By providing your body with the l-cysteine it needs you are helping to maintain the levels of glutathione necessary for keep the levels of harmful free radicals low.
  • Immune system activity regulation: l-cysteine is also a precursor of some effector molecules needed by your immune system, so it might support your chances of not getting ill.
  • Digestive system protection: l-cystein reduces the levels of acetaldehyde on saliva. This compound called acetaldehyde results to be carcinogenic in human health, and its concentrations in the upper digestive tract are increased by drinking alcohol.
  • Reduction of hearth stroke risk: together with other amino acids, l-cystein is linked to cardiovascular benefits

Safety of l-cystein

As this amino acid is produced naturally in your organism, is relatively safe to take it.

The actual scientific articles which try to reach a conclusion sometimes contradict each other, existing some investigations in which l-cystein presents no side effects and others that register small and possible problems.

Anyway, as long as you follow the instructions or recommendations of the manufacturer everything should be good.

About the doses of l-cysteine you should take, the label of the product should provide you all the information you need about it, so don´t worry about that.

Thanks for reading!

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